Monday, November 18, 2019

Case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 40

Case study - Essay Example Secondly, the proposal focuses on demonstration of the scale, as well as scope of the new group and the influence of the new management accounting practices. The demonstration could benefit the company in the attainment of its set goals and targets by end of the fiscal period. Management accounting refers to the act of combining accounting, finance, and management with the intention of exploiting competitive advantage techniques, which are essential to driving the organization towards the achievement of success. From this approach, management accounting relates to the process of developing management reports, as well as accounts with the ability and potentiality to offer accurate and timely financial and statistical information. The outcomes of management accounting are essential for the managers to make day-to-day, as well as short-term decisions. Management accounting tends to have the ability and ideal platforms for generation of monthly and weekly reports in accordance with the demands and expectations of the internal audiences. There are numerous research exercises, which have focused on the assessment of the concept of management accounting. For instance, Goretzki, Strauss, and Weber (2013, p. 41-63) focused on theorizing the influence of a new acto r of the firm can drive the institutionalization of the new role for management accountants. According to the findings of the study, it is possible to understand institutionalisation of a new role for management accountants. Their role is a product of purposive actions by diverse actors in support of specific institutional management within the organization pursuing competitive advantage in the market and industry of interest. In addition, Weißenberger and Angelkort (2011, pp. 160-180) focused on the assessment of integrating financial and management accounting. This is through evaluation of the influence of a consistent financial language in relation to

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