Saturday, January 25, 2020

Cultural Adjustment :: essays papers

Cultural Adjustment "An analysis of cultural shocks" Coming to America was one of my dreams, so I started working on it and after completing collage, I received the visa for the States and bought the ticket to come to America. I was a little bit confused because I had been hearing about America since my childhood. There is a huge cultural difference between my society and the modern society of the States, and because of these differences, my friends and I faced some problems after coming here. These problems are commonly called cultural shocks. By analyzing the differences between America and my own country of Pakistan, in the areas of gender roles, family, marriage and celebrations, one can see how cultural shocks occur. Since my birth, I have been living in a society where the men and women are not all to interact with each other as over here. It is one of the biggest differences in my culture and the culture here. There are usually separate classes for girls and boys in my society, but over here, there is no concept of this. In addition, I know you will surprise to earn that having a boyfriend for a girl or a girlfriend for a boy is a difficult achievement. In my society there is a joint family system, the children live together with their parents whether they are under 18 or not. Over here, there is a concept of "individualism". Every one has an individual life, making their own decisions for every thing. Here, a person over 18 living with his parents is considered an immature person. In my culture, a person not living with his parents doesn't have a respectable place in the society, because it is our social and religious custom to take care of our parents. Divorce is common here, but in my society it's not good to even think about it. People are divorced, but not as commonly as over here. For example, among every 100 married people, perhaps just one is divorced, but over here out of hundred, about fifty are divorced or separated. Also, some couples live together without a legal marriage. One day, I went to a wedding ceremony with my uncle .It was one of his friends' weddings. I just sat there, wondering when the people would sing songs and when the lunch would start, but after kissing each other, my uncle's friend and his wife went on a long drive in their car with a poster on the back saying, "Just got married". It was really surprising for me to attend a wedding like this, because in my culture,

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